Coronavirus Update 3

After my last update, and comments I shared in the Livingston Enterprise, I wanted to share an update that I was finally able to speak to Dr. Laurel Desnick from the Park County Health Department. I was able to ask my many questions and clear up the many rumors that were flying around, about restaurants being shut down, etc. She gave me tons of information about procedures to implement to keep our staff safe in case someone does become infected, and I am so very grateful for that.

I wanted to share a little of what I learned in relation to what we are doing at Neptune’s Eatery because I know that I’m not the only one with questions. Also, before you read any further, please know that the following comments are my understanding of what Dr. Desnick said, these are not direct quotes and I’m not a scientist or doctor.

The Health Departments all over MT are involved in Contact Tracing and have found that the spread of Covid-19 in Montana is not from increased tourism. I made the assumption that with numbers going up for both Covid and visitors that they were related. I should’ve remembered back to my Psych101 class that “Correlation does not mean causation!” For our business, this was actually one of the greatest things I have heard lately! We love our tourists and rely on our tourism business to float us through our slow winters. I actually have a saying that all staff knows “treat tourists like regulars and regulars like family.” Since we don’t have a community outbreak and all of the cases have been traced if those who came in contact with the positive case do quarantine themselves, the transmission rates should stay relatively low.

Several of my staff members were in contact with the known case (the known positive does not work at Neptune’s). However, due to the contact tracing with the Health Department, these employees are now self-quarantining and will not be returning to work until they either have a negative Covid test result, or they have been asymptomatic through the 14 day incubation period.

We will still stick with our 14 day take out period, even though, trust me we are not happy about it. But, I think it’s the prudent thing to do. If the virus doesn’t surge in Livingston then we *should* be able to reopen Monday July 20th for regular dine in business. We will still maintain our social distancing and sanitation procedures as we’ve been doing, all employees will be required to wear masks in the dining room and public areas of the restaurant, and we will be requiring all guests to wear a masks when they are not sitting at their table.
So cross your fingers, wear your masks, social distance and order take out.

We hope to see you soon!

Lauren Silano