Coronavirus Update 2

Another Coronavirus Update! I have to be honest, as a business owner, operating during the pandemic has been one of the most challenging experiences of my career. The uncertainty of will we make enough sales to support being open? You guys made sure that the answer to that one was yes, every day! The other constant worry for me is “Am I keeping my employees and guests safe?” A much harder question to answer.

All of us locals can see how many tourists have been traveling through Yellowstone, and Livingston. The traffic is here, there are many faces around town that we don’t recognize. Normally, we’d open them with open arms, and show them our good old Montana hospitality. However, with the increase in visitors, we’ve seen increases in positive Covid tests, and most of us are worried about this.

Today, I learned that there have been employees of other restaurants in Livingston who have tested positive for Covid-19. I have tried reaching out to the Park County Health Department to 1. Get all of my employees tested, and 2. Find out their recommendation on how to respond to this news. I have not gotten a return phone call from them as of this writing. So, with the limited information I have, I have made the decision to go to Take Out Only for the next 14 days. After 14 days, I will reevaluate the Covid situation in Park County and hopefully we can reopen for regular business. It is possible that Park County will implement more stringent limitations and Neptune’s Eatery will act and respond accordingly.

We will be accepting to go orders by phone, and online! Use this link to order online, it’s super easy and convenient!
Please keep in mind a few things when ordering to go in the coming days and weeks:
Please Be Kind. I’m sorry to say, but we’ve had a higher than average number of people being rude or just nasty to our staff. Please be kind to them, everyone under the roof of Neptune’s Eatery is scared for their health, and scared for their financial well-being and just trying to do our best.
Take Out orders can be placed between 11:15 AM and 8:15 PM.

We only have 1 phone line, and it’s likely that you will run into a busy single or the voicemail message. Please call back and keep trying, we’ll be continuously answering the phone.

Keep an eye out on facebook, instagram and our website for online ordering to be announced. Remember, this is BRAND NEW for us, and if you don’t want to be patient during our learning curve… you may not want to order this way just yet. To put it in perspective, we are literally changing our entire business model overnight. We will be doing the absolute best we can. This doesn’t mean you can’t tell us when we’ve messed something up with your order, just be kind about it. We learn from our mistakes and we will fix your order for you asap.
In order to maintain contactless pick ups, we will have tables set in our patio courtyard with your name on it and your order. Please do not enter the courtyard to pick up your order until our staff member is back inside. I am sure that we will learn how to make the process better and more user friendly as we get more experience. Bear with us.

We will only be taking credit card payment, no cash, in order to maintain contactless service.
Saving the best news for last, according the the special coronavirus laws, we are able to serve To Go alcohol beverages along with food!
We hope to be back up and running for regular dine in business soon. But until then, we hope you will kindly give our To Go system a try.
We’ll see you on the other side!

With much gratitude,

Lauren Silano