Coronavirus Update

With the news of increased Covid-19 cases in Park County, I have made it mandatory for any staff entering the dining room to wear a mask in order to try and protect ourselves and you our guests. Expect to see our servers wearing masks while they serve you. We really want to continue to be open for dine-in business and in order to do that we need to do our best in preventative measures. As a reminder, here’s what we are already doing to keep everyone safe:

  • Keeping all tables no less than 6 feet apart.
  • Sanitizing All Menus, page by page, before they go from one customer to another.
  • Sanitizing tables, chairs, booth seats between customers.
  • Sanitizing any item that comes in contact with a guest, before it goes to the next guest. These include: Soy Sauce Bottles, Mustard and other condiment bottles, Pens, Clipboards.
  • Using a new cup or pitcher every time we refill beverages.
  • Constantly and consistently washing our hands.
  • Offering single use only crayons.
  • Limiting party sizes to 10 people and not offering any bar seating.
  • As always, our kitchen dishwasher sanitizes all dishes with heat and is never less than 180 degrees (usually, it gets to 200 degrees!) Our bar dishwasher sanitizes all barware with an approved food safe Quat sanitizer.
  • Adding UV light air purifiers to our ventilation system.
  • Due to longer To-Go order times because of increased To-Go orders, we are offering a call back service to minimize your wait time at our facility.

Thank you to all of you who have been keeping us busy, we greatly appreciate your business and hope to see you safe and healthy over this summer.

Much Love and Appreciation,
Lauren Silano

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