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Coronavirus Update 4

Hi Friends, I’m coming to you with another pandemic update. I’ll start with the important stuff, and for those of you who want the why, you can continue reading below. I’ve had to make what is one of the most difficult decisions in my 7 year career of owning the restaurant. I’ve decided to TEMPORARILY […]

Coronavirus Update 3

After my last update, and comments I shared in the Livingston Enterprise, I wanted to share an update that I was finally able to speak to Dr. Laurel Desnick from the Park County Health Department. I was able to ask my many questions and clear up the many rumors that were flying around, about restaurants […]

Coronavirus Update 2

Another Coronavirus Update! I have to be honest, as a business owner, operating during the pandemic has been one of the most challenging experiences of my career. The uncertainty of will we make enough sales to support being open? You guys made sure that the answer to that one was yes, every day! The other […]

Coronavirus Update 1

With the news of increased Covid-19 cases in Park County, I have made it mandatory for any staff entering the dining room to wear a mask in order to try and protect ourselves and you our guests. Expect to see our servers wearing masks while they serve you. We really want to continue to be […]